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25 years young!
suimin and project a's daughter.
ridiculously pure. head empty of any dirty thought!
...which is surprising considering her age
current owner of the nyami doll.
dating sousasen. how this pair came to be is beyond anyone's knowledge.
dresses the nyami doll to look like them too whenever she gets lonely...
she also believes that she might die if she gets too lonely. wild!
hangs out with hong kong sometimes, because "well, they kinda look like my dad. just red!"
is the target of a slightly disgruntled license.
is the ONLY one allowed to call sousasen "aoshima".


24 years old.
member of the sword gang, and the most "royal" in the gang.
actually royalty though. not in the gang, but she do got those connections
has the affections of many, one being... very dangerous.
however, refuses to believe she's gay. That's against the word of God.
speaking of god... she's catholic
would very much like to be the leader of the sword gang. not allowed to because abare's not dead. Yet.
wants to be a guy so bad it's almost pitiful

project a

"23 years old, 47 if you count how long i've been dead."
chuu's father and hong kong's brother.
died in a war long ago, when his base was attacked.
still roams around hong kong as a spirit, despite them not really knowing he's there.
much like his wife, only wants the best for his kid.
speaking of suimin, how they got together was that he stopped her from falling asleep in public,
and that's when the crushes got started, and now we're here. crazy!
he's also wary of sousasen, and intentionally gives chills to them while they're on dates with chuu.
this is mainly due to bad experiences with cops.
was EXTREMELY smug about his skills. can sweep a place like no other. and kick ass... and cook... Ya know,
liked to hang out with yamato and yatta on the boats. also goes by dragon.