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candy candy

16 years old.
despite her looks and age, she's a certified nurse and has been through a few wars.
she keeps to herself, not because no one likes her,
but because anyone she starts liking ends up disappearing or dead.
she has a permanent teardrop on her left eye due to this.
she may look sad most of the time,
but she actually has a very bright outlook on life despite her traumas.
due to living in america almost all her life, she only speaks english.
her closest friends are the old women who raised her in lake michigan,
and pata due to similar interests.
these are the only known people that are seemingly immune to the curse she has.
might have a crush on bara. wishes she didn't. kind of weird.


"yawn... i think i'm... 40 something. 45?"
sleeps a lot, but can never seem to sleep enough to function properly.
she's only up six hours a day.
original owner of the nyami doll.
the nyami doll is a gift from project a, who helped her raise chuu.
dreams of the usual things, money and such, but most importantly, the best for her daughter.
...and occasionally nightmares about losing project a.
wary of sousasen, due to their association with the police.
she just has a mistrust of anyone romantically involved with chuu, "that's all".
might be suffering from being lonely... in a romantic sense...! but refuses to go out and look for love.
being a widow with a kid is hard ok :(


"i don't see why it matters to know!"
leader of the sword gang, and the most logical out of all of them.
a master of disguise!
...to everyone that isn't in the gang.
even though they're pretty old, they are very much capable of kicking anyone's ass.
would rather refrain from doing so, though. never intends to kill, just wants to teach a lesson.
a ladykiller in their youth. has apparently so many partners that they don't want to go outside the sword gang hideout in fear of seeing their former lovers.
always smiling, even when in serious moments.


"you know how old america is!!"
mayor of the license land and creamy's mom.
literally the most disliked license.
this is only because she calls everyone slurs.
except for creamy.
she doesn't really know any better, even after several assassination attempts.
despite her unintentional discrimination against everyone, she's trying her best to be the best mayor she can.
she's doing a good job on everything,
...but the public speaking part.