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sailor moon

looks old. is younger than she looks.
god. like actually god.
over the license land of course...
best friends with magical knight.
never leaves the skies unless it's to be with her.


keeps reincarnating so much that it's impossible to tell their age.
buddhist monk that's more of a prankster than anything.
keeps trying to hook up with seken mimi.
reasoning? "there's just something about abusive grandmas that's attractive!"
self appointed wingman to literally everyone. very nosy about the happenings in other's lives.
has literally insane ideas. no really like they're fucking crazy
like, actually believes that getting drunk and getting prostitutes is the gateway to enlightenment.
just straight up insane.


29 years old.
top detective in the space.
works with seibu. has been under her wing since they started in the force.
they disagree with most of her methods of apprehending though...
dating chuu. how this pair came to be is beyond anyone's knowledge.
actually being stalked by insurance saleswomen. this is not a joke
they smile... it's not always serious with them...
gets stuck in the past sometimes. there's some regrets back there