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19 years old.
part of the sports crew.
doesn't say much. only regularly speaks to hero mimi about rugby...
and sometimes football..?
plays bass in an unnamed band with other licenses.


both 18 years old.
co-leaders of the sports crew.
baseball fanatics! especially mimi.
love it so much they go to tournaments just because they're that good at baseball.
mimi is a coach while nyami is the star pitcher!
nyami's pitches clock in at 100mph sometimes.
originally didn't even have an interest until mimi pushed her into it... nyami was a teenage NEET.
sometimes she relapses into NEETdom...
but anyways, YEAH! they're dating too,


unknown age. no one knows how long they've been around for.
lives the average lifespan of an actual bee.
it's not uncommon to see one of their corpses in random places in the space.
you will never see just one of them.
can change size accordingly. communicates in bzzzzzz
... but for simplicity's sake, they use written signs to say what they need to say.
they're flower enthusiasts, and maintain gardens all across the area.

it is really unusual that shaka is not here. please expect her. or them. her. them. her,