34 years old.
mute. says virtually nothing to anyone but one piece.
has a kill count that frightens even kill bill.
despite basically being a violent human god, is a big ol softie.
has tried to fight hong kong, but eventually got tired of hk bonking them on the head with their broom.
there's not much to say here because they won't tell us about themselves :(

one piece

"i'm as old as the sea!" (28 years old)
was actually born in the middle of the ocean, and picked up by pirates later.
even though they've been a pirate all their life, they don't really like the pillaging and such.
is unfortunately not smarter than a 5th grader.
best friends with hokuto, but feels like there's something more...?
trying to rival hk for best janitorial skills. and because they're "too mean" to hokuto.
is wanted in multiple countries for pirate crimes.